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Workshop Agenda 

08:30am Registration and Welcome Coffee   Course Duration: 9:00 - 4:00  
Morning Tea10:30    Networking Lunch: 12:30   Afternoon Tea: 2:30pm

Session 1 – Understand Coercive Control

  • Acknowledgement of Country, arrival into space, centring and introductions

  • Prevalence and impact of coercive control on society, particularly women and children

  • Definitions, legislative changes, and their relevance to the national response

Session 2 – Effective Collaboration and Response to Prevent Homicide

  • Explore the 8 stages of coercive control

  • Mapping a case study using the 8 stages

  • Practical Activity - Apply systems thinking and effective collaboration to respond to coercive control

Networking Lunch

Session 3 – Impact of Domestic and Family Violence on Child Development

  • Understanding the impact of DFV on children’s development and behaviours

  • Incorporating a child-focused lens when working with adults who use DFV

Session 4 – Facilitation Microskills

  • Unpack key facilitation microskills that can assist you in your client work

Session 5 – Practice using Dyads

  • Practical Activity – Use dyad work to practice facilitation microskills when engaging a client who is using tactics of coercive control – maintaining a child-focused lens

End of day one

Session 1 – Reflecting on Day 1 and Exploring Intersectionality

  • Arrival into the space

  • Reflecting on content and learnings from Day 1

  • Introduction to structural intersectionality

  • Applying intersectionality to domestic and family violence response


Session 2 – Principles of Engagement: Unpacking the Four Layers of

  • Overview of the four layers of discrimination

  • Structural and systemic change

  • Introduction to cultural safety




Session 3: Fostering Cultural Safety in Our Practice

  • The cultural safety continuum

  • Unpacking implicit bias

  • Addressing social forms of violence (patriarchy and supremacy)


Session 4 – Exploring the Dimensions of Culture

  • Engage in practical activities that reinforce principles of inclusive practice


Session 5 – Debrief and Integrating Learning into Practice

  • Wrapping up the day, reflections, and Q&A

Networking Lunch

End of workshop

Day 1                                   Day 2

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